Free Training Program

Free Training Program

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This is a 6 day split program that is a full week's worth of training. I recommend running this program for 4-5 weeks, then taking a deload week.

Disclaimer: Before running this program, please read below! 

This is a fairly advanced bodybuilding style training program that is meant for seasoned lifters. If you've been lifting longer than a few years, I'd say this program is for you. This is a moderately high volume week, so be prepared. I wouldn't recommend going from a low volume phase to this high volume phase. I would recommend training in the rep range of 7-10 for 4 weeks before jumping into this.

This program does not give any guidance for increasing sets, weights, reps, or RPE. This is all for you to figure out what works best. If you want further guidance with this, I offer these services.

Give this a shot and report back on my instagram and let me know how you enjoyed it. Tag me in your stories and videos!

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