Luke | Client for 3 Years (ongoing)

I was stuck. After tracking macros and following my own training regimen I found myself at a wall. My progress in the gym had slowed and my motivation was at an all time low. I'd followed Adam on Instagram for some time and admired his work ethic and the physique he'd built. I reached out to him for guidance and help. Turns out, it was the best decision I've ever made. He helped me with my macros and training and set me on the path to success. I found my motivation was back and the wall I had hit had been broken down. This was over a year ago. During this time and a few bulking and cutting cycles, Adam has always provided me with knowledge, support, motivation and friendship. He always considers what I need and want, what goals I have and adjusts it all around my busy schedule and everyday life. Even though I live in Japan and we are in completely different time zones, he is always there for me when I need help or have a question. His constant support and help has made me into the athlete I am today. Words can't express the how much it all means to me and how much Adam and ANF have changed my life for the better, forever.

Danielle | Client for 1 Year (ongoing)

Before starting my training with Adam, I trained with another online coach for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks, things started off great then quickly diminished. My questions and concerns went unrecognized and was essentially told to "suck it up" when my body was needing more nutrients than what he instructed me to have. After just one email response from Adam, I knew I wanted to switch to having him as my coach. His quickness to respond and enthusiasm hooked me & still keeps me motivated and positive every day. He's a very passionate coach who truly cares about his clients. His encouraging nature and desire to help others pushes me to do my best everyday.

Adam has created custom workout plans based on my goals and what I personally want to improve. The results honestly speak for themselves. I went from having very little amount of muscle mass to gaining several inches on my arms, legs and glutes while gaining very little weight. I was able to do all of this without restricting any foods and having the flexibility to enjoy foods I love in moderation. 

I have been so impressed by the amount of knowledge, ability to understand, and willingness to adapt to my needs that I have committed to having him coach me for the next year. He will also be coaching me and helping me through my first prep so I am able to compete in my very first bikini competition as a natural competitor. I can not wait to see what this year has in store for us!!

Sasha | Client for 6 Months (Competition Prep)

My journey with having Adam as a coach began in December 2015. I had always dreamed about doing a bikini competition but I thought I was too overweight and it would never happen. I loved working out and always thought my diet wasn't that awful until after freshman year of college I really noticed I had gained the freshman 15. I wanted to find a coach that would do a flexible dieting program, reasonable in cost, and someone I could trust and rely on. My goal was to lose weight while still keeping a decent amount of muscle in order to bring a well rounded physique to the stage, and Adam helped me to do that. He was always motivating each week, reliable, and I knew I could trust him from the beginning. My health was always a priority which is something a lot of coaches don't always care about. He truly cared along every step of the way and helped push me each week to keep grinding through and get to the finish line. It wasn't easy, I gave everything I had when it came to my workouts and being accurate with my macros, but it was easier having Adam guide me along the way knowing he was just as excited about my transformation as I was. I'm still in shock at the progress and the package we were able to bring for my first competition, and I can't wait to see what results we can bring to the stage in the future!


Jake | Client for 20 Weeks (Competition Prep)

Before speaking on my experience with having Adam as my COACH for my last NPC physique show, he needs to be recognized for the PERSON he is. When searching for a coach to guide me through my very first show, I knew I needed someone who could give me their undivided attention, and someone who actually cared about the betterment of their clients. This is what I found in Adam and so much more. I had my doubts whether or not I should compete, but the positivity and encouragement Adam provided me throughout the entire process was more valuable than anything a coach who is just barking orders could provide.

When it came to my individual prep, Adam was a very professional, well-organized coach. His services are second to none and it is without a doubt that he applies every ounce of his knowledge to each individual he coaches. Any questions or concerns I had during my time with Adam were answered, and I was never provided with a “Because I said so” type of answer. No cookie-cutter diet protocols, extensive hours of cardio, or any other outdated methods are used in his services, and the results speak for themselves!

What you put into any training program or diet is what you will get in return. With Adam and his coaching services, you’ll get this return plus some. Seeking out a contest prep / fitness coach can be a confusing and overwhelming task with so many options out there, but I will tell you that my choice to work with Adam was a fantastic decision and I’m grateful for everything he has contributed to my fitness journey!