6 Day Workout Mesocycle for Hypertrophy (4 Months)

6 Day Workout Mesocycle for Hypertrophy (4 Months)

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Welcome to the Nethocycle Program!   

This is the one of the best purchases you can make if you are wanting to make some changes with your workout program!

This is a pre-loaded program for Shoulders & Arms with exercises, sets, and reps already selected.

Allows you to change out exercises easily.

This should be at least a 4 month cycle!

If you want to buy this just for a high volume program, then skip to Mesocycle 3. This program is worth the money just for this Mesocycle alone!

When you download the program, it will include a .zip file. Be sure to extract the files and you will find a PDF and an Excel document.


  • Teaches you how to utilize Reps in Reserve or Rate of Perceived Exertion
  • Teaches you when to use certain Reps in Reserve for each week for hypertrophy
  • Teaches you how to progress utilizing overloading schemes
  • Teaches the intensity techniques used in month 3
  • Teaches you how to change exercises out
    • Excel Document
    • 1 entire macrocycle as a template to build your own (or use this one!)
    • 5 tabs listed at the bottom
    • 4 individual tabs for each month of training
    • Easy way to track weights, reps, RPE, and much more
    • Additional tab to track bodyweight & manage your own macros

    Let’s get into the foundation of this program and lay everything out for you.

    This is going to be a 4-month macrocycle. The macrocycle will be the 4-month training program, and we will lay everything out so you know what to expect here in the bullet points below. Macrocycles are long periods of time usually 4-6 months of training with a goal in mind, built of multiple Mesocycles. Each mesocycle will be a 4-week training program, with 1 week of a deload.

    You CAN run this for multiple Macrocycles and even use different areas as priority! This is up to you and I teach you how to do change focus, maintain focus, and more in this document!